Winterize your bike!

wheelies (36 of 42)If you are not going to continue to ride your bike this winter, it might be a good idea to consider a few tips on storing your bike so that it is ready when you are for the 2010 bicycle season. And if you are looking for a new bike then come visit our shop.

  1. Deflate the tires so they are soft and not at full pressure. This allows for more flexibility and reduces dry rot. Do not take all the air out. Set the PSI so that the tire is soft and squishy to the touch.
  2. Clean the bike with a mild detergent. I also apply a light coat of wax for better protection against moisture, dust, and dirt. Dry it off well to remove all moisture after the wash. Moisture can facilitate rust.
  3. Coat the chain and other moving parts with a quality bicycle oil.  Use just enough to create a light coating. This helps prevent moisture and rust buildup. Do not use regular WD-40.
  4. If you have brake releases, release them to allow less tension on the brake cables and springs.
  5. Store the bike inside where it is warm and dry. Even a garage can get extremely cold and be prone to moisture from dew and condensation.
  6. Hanging the bike up off the ground would be best, but if this is not possible, try placing it upside down or wheels toward the sky. This allows for better protection against a cold floor and prevents the tires going out of shape or cracking from sitting in the same spot for a prolonged period of time. A nice hanging bike can be a work of art.
  7. Since you are not using your bike this is the best time to have a Wheelies Tune-Up, Overhaul or have any repairs that may have developed from last years riding season.  Currently, we are offering our Full Service Overhaul, originally $189, for only $79.99. For a breakdown of this service, check out our website.  Plus we come to you with convenient pick up and delivery. We can even do the winterizing for you so your bike is ready to roll when you are. For more on our services go to                                          or call us at 609-953-9383



Larry MacDonald