Stay Hydrated!

The summer heat is pounding, but you still want to be on the road and pedaling fast. Staying hydrated is the number one way to stay on your bike and going strong, and there are many ways to carry water with you on your ride. Find the one that fits your style of riding, and stay refreshed!

Seat mounted water bottle cages. These keep your water easily accessible, and often feature a double set up, allowing you to carry twice the water as a single frame cage.

Frame mounted water bottle cages. The most common style of carrying water this tried and true method of staying hydrated is still the favorite among most road riders. Most bikes allow for at least one cage, and road bikes often feature two spots for cages on the frame.

Hydration Packs are a great way to carry a lot of water all at once. Ranging from 1 to 3 or more liters, you can be on the road all day and never go thirsty. Many hydration packs can be put into gear backpacks, perfect for the moutain biker or touring bicyclist who needs to carry tools, food, or clothes. Some packs, like the GeigerRig, have a small water pump that sprays the water out of the hose, allowing you to wash your hands, or cool yourself off with your water as well. Keep your eye open to make sure you purchase a BPA free pouch to keep both you and the enviroment safe.