General Assembly Corporate

Are you satisfied with the quality and performance of your stores assembly of inventory and product display?

Are your returns or credits from some assembly required and ready to assemble items costing you money and resources?

Wheelies General Assembly can and will improve your situation

Wheelies General Assembly provides the retail merchandiser quality assembly of sales merchandise and serves the Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pa and Atlantic City, NJ trade areas.  We have a proven record of performance with customers such as the US Military AAFAS, BX PX , and sales retailers such as yourself and rental merchandisers.

What Wheelies General Assemblers can do for you:

► Bicycle and other wheeled Items assembly, warranty and repair

►Exercise Equipment Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Furniture Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Swing Set Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Patio Set Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Game Tables Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Toys Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Storage Sheds Assembly, Warranty and Repair

►Gas Grill Assembly, Warranty and Repair

Our Wheelies General Assembler Team or Member comes to your location with our own tools and provides professional and quality assembly for all of your product assembly needs. Wheelies GA makes sure your products are Showroom Ready To Sell.  If the situation arises, we work with your suppliers, distributors and, if need be, your customers on all assembly, warranty and repair matters.

Wheelies General Assembler Technicians assembly all products based on the manufacturers recommendations and requirements. We work with the manufacturers directly on your behalf and in matters of missing parts, warranty or repair.  Wheelies offers a 30 Day Guarantee on all workmanship.


Let us show you the value Wheelies General Assembly has over your present means of product assembly. We would be happy to provide you a quote. Please provide a few sample product information and we will show you what a true value Wheelies General assembly can be to your success.