What to bring on a bike ride

What to bring on a bike ride

So you want to get out and ride your bike, put some of that clean crisp air in your lungs, get your healthy groove on and enjoy the sights at 8 to 20 miles per hour.  You get your bike and head off into the great outdoors.  Not so fast. Before you start on your ride you should think about a few things that will make your ride a much more pleasurable experience even if something goes wrong.  A little preparation can go a long way.

First Take Care of YOU

Make sure you have all that you will need to partake on your pre-determined ride. Check the weather to make sure you can handle the elements. In the fall the weather tends to turn for the worse quickly.  Plan your ride, know where you are going. Make sure you have the proper clothing: comfortable and dry. Proper gloves and shoes make a big difference.  The best clothing is designed for cycling; padded, seated shorts and Lycra materialed are just of few of the products Wheeliestore.com offers to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable.  Include your helmet . Protect your head and brain, it is the only one you have.


Bring Water – dehydration does not only occur in hot weather

A cell phone so you can call Wheelies or a friend if you are in a jam

Energy snacks or something that provides electrolites. Energy bars, nuts, gel packs or a banana are a few choices

A little cash ,$5 or $10 just incase you want to stop for food, water or whatever

Bring some sort of ID, a drivers license works best. Also carry something that has contact information

A small first Aid Kit, include some wet wipes. These help if you get dirty and they are refreshing

All of this, except for the water, can fit in a ziplock bag which keeps them dry

You should also consider sunglasses, sunblock and lip balm for UV protection.

Next, take care of your bike

Make sure your bike is ready to ride.  If you have not been on the bike for over a year, have Wheelies take a look at it first. It probably needs a tune up safety check.

Check the tires for proper air

Make sure the brakes work

Make sure the wheels spin properly

Check to see that the pedals spin and the chain is tight

Make sure the handlebars are straight and secure

There are a few items you should bring with you for bicycle mechanical emergencies. All these items can fit in a small seat bag

Tubes and tools to fix flats.  Also have a  Pump or CO2 to inflate tubes. If you are going on a long ride you should consider a tube patch kit just in case you experience a second flat.  A tube patch can also fix a small hole in a tire to keep the tube from being exposed

A multi tool for any type of repair or call wheelies roadside assistance.

In case of a chain break bring a chain master link. A small paper clip or zip tie can help keep the chain together to limp the bike home.

Other items to consider are a Flashlight, small amount of duck tape, zip ties or rubber bands

So a little planning and can make your ride safe fun and care free.

Burn Calories Not Gas

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