What Do I Do Without My Bike This Winter?

What do you when you love riding your bike but it is just to cold? Of course you just can’t not ride, after all that hard work in the summer and the fall you don’t want to lose it all from that great holiday food!  There are a number of options you can “exercise” to continue your cycling while indoors.  If you want to continue to ride your personal bike but don’t want to go outside you can consider a Stationary trainer or a Roller. If you would like to give your bike a rest for the season a spinner is just as great!

Stationary Trainers allow you to ride and pedal your bike in a fixed position.  This type of trainer you place and lock your rear wheel into position and your ready to go. This system allows you to push yourself more because your not worrying about balancing. There are a few types and styles of stationary trainers which come in different price ranges.


Saris Roller Trainer
Another system you can use is the Roller Trainer. With the roller type both your wheels will be turning under your power, you will also have to balance which simulates a more realistic ride.
CycleOpsPowerLogoWheelies is proud to sell and support the Saris CycleOps  trainers and training equipment. We prefer CycleOps for its life time warranty, they build them to last! Plus Power Training  adjusting your torque (how hard you pedal) and your cadence (how fast you pedal) This is the main principle to building a training program that’s effective for you and to build on improving your performance.
Wheelies always offers reconditioned Jg Spinner Pros. If your not looking to ride your bike in your house a spinner is perfect! It is like riding your road/racing bike but in a more relaxed position (since aerodynamics are not important when stationary) You can still even clip in! For the folks that going to spinning classes at the gym we all know that once in awhile we miss classes, but we don’t want to fall behind with our group so having a spinner at home to keep up is always a great option!
Whatever you do this winter remember to take care of you and your bike over the winter and make sure you guys are ready to go when it is time to ride.