Medford Skate Park In The Works!

Wheelies is glad to announce that construction on the Medford Skate Park will be starting soon! Wheelies recieved this email from Medford Township annoucing the construction start:

GrindLine Skateparks of Seattle has been awarded the contract for the design and construction of this new concrete park.

Also, this facility will be open to both skaters and bicyclists, BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME!  I can’t say this enough—as one of the first municipal dual-use parks, we need everyone’s cooperation with these rules.  If we find that they are not being adhered to, Medford may be faced with the difficult decision to close it.   We also need your cooperation with some of the basics—wear your safety equipment, no cursing, no smoking, no litter, no graffiti.  Medford Township officials have committed to rebuild the skatepark utilizing grant money from Burlington County, but its Medford that has the responsibility to maintain it.  We’re not going to charge a fee for you to use it, but would expect that you would keep it nice for everyone’s enjoyment in return for the privilege to skate or bike there.

During construction, please stay out of the area and off the ramps.  Medford Police will enforce all trespassing and criminal mischief ordinances if anyone is caught inside the construction area.  Not only is this for your own safety, but also for the integrity of the ramps.  If they are skated before they are set, they have to be re-done.  This costs money, which Medford does not have.  If you are in the area of Freedom Park during construction and see people in the skatepark, please call the Police.

Check back on or for construction updates and the grand opening date.