Jamis Bikes

Started in 1937, Jamis has kept deep roots in the cycle industry. With its international headquarters located right here in New Jersey, Wheelies is proud to carry and support a local company that has grown into an international powerhouse. Jamis is now one of the oldest, largest bicycle companies under original family ownership in America. The workmanship and engineering of their line of bikes are proven in the quality of the ride, performance and longevity of each bike. Jamis never wanted to be a big company, they just wanted to build great bicycles for cyclists. By using quality components from top companies such as Shimano and SRAM, Jamis is able to keep their prices lower and still manufacture a top quality bike. Because they are a company created by cyclists, great innovations have come about like SST (Size Specific Tubing) which guarantees the same perfect ride experience whether you ride a giant size frame or an extra petite one. Jamis carries a full line of bikes from kids to competition racing, they have a bike for everyone’s needs. Jamis offers a lifetime warranty on all their bike frames.  

Jamis Sizing Guide

Below is just a sample of some of the great bikes Wheelies carries by Jamis. Stop in today to see our full selection and to give them a test ride!

Earth Cruiser

We took the very best elements of the classic beach cruiser—balloon tires, a relaxed upright seating position, timelessly classic styling—and modernized them. So instead of a heavy, klunky bike that’s more fun to look at than ride, our Earth Cruisers are easier to ride, easier to pedal, more durable and waaaay more fun, while preserving all the streetwise style of those shiny 1950s cruisers.

Coda Sport

Our Coda series of flat-handlebar road bikes has won us legions of fans over the years and an Editor’s Choice award from Bicycling Magazine in 2011 for good reason—they’re quick, they’re nimble, they’re durable and dependable, and they are a blast to ride. They’re basically road racing bikes without the racing emphasis—flat handlebars and intuitively easy-to-use controls mean near-zero intimidation, but you still get the benefit of elevated performance and incredible efficiency.

Trail XR

Our Trail X series is proof positive that trickle-down technology is a good thing. Just a few years ago, the Enduro III frame would’ve been state of the art with its oversize, ovalized, tapered 6061 aluminum tubing, radically sloping top tube and trussed seat tube. The Trail X offers a slightly more upright riding position than our other mountain bikes to help relieve strain on neck and back, and give you a taller perch for see-over-traffic perspective on city forays. And the handling’s tweaked for a bit more stability, which helps you thread your way through the trail with confidence.


Lightweight aluminum alloy construction—pro-level technology just a few years ago—and smart component choices make our Ventura series a perfect choice for sagged multi-day adventures and long weekend rides, which is why you’ll see them underneath happy riders on gran fondos, at RAGBRAI, on multi-day fundraisers and in the pages of Bicycling Magazine winning yet another of their coveted Editor’s Choice awards.