BMX Bikes

BMX is a kind of fun- and extremesport that came from California in the early seventies. In those days the children wanted to imitate the Motocross riders with their 20 inch bikes and built their own trails and ramps and after some time the first contests were held. The biggest events are the x-games and the gravity games, where also other fun and extreme sports are performed. In all competitions the goal is to impress the judges by showing difficult stunts with style. An exception are BMX-Races where the riders are racing on a course and certainly the fastest rider wins.

Basically all BMX bikes have 20 or 24 inch Wheels, no gearshift (only one gear, so they aren’t suitable for long trips) and smaller forks than mountain bikes. There are of course different bikes – each one is suitable for a certain section. Dirt bikes usually don’t have a front brake, only a back brake. They are quite solid, they normally have 2 piece handlebars and dirt mantles with a deep profile for a good footing. Street and ramp bikes usually have pegs to grind, 4 piece handlebars and a smooth surface at the tires to have a better footing. Race Bikes are quite lightweight and have both front brake and back brake. Freestyle bikes are all around bikes. They are in principle a street bike with front brakes and are suitable for those who do not yet exactly know what they want to do with their BMX.

Wheelies carries a variety of BMX bikes and accessories from the following companies and more.

Originally from Fit Bikes, Robbie Morales’ new BMX company is still young, but quickly producing a great BMX product line. All their products are USA made either at FBM or Solid so you know the quality is good.

Fit Bike Co. came to life just ten years ago and has grown to become one of the most renown brands in BMX. From their team of legendary riders, to top of the line frames, complete bikes, components and a fairly advanced clothing line, Fit is it.

One of the most respected names in BMX, Odyssey offers literally every part for your bike besides a frame. In addition to their incredible parts range, Odyssey has a list of influential team riders a mile long.