Balance Bikes

A balance bike is like an ordinary bicycle but without any pedals. The child straddles the frame of the balance bike and can push or walk themselves along with the bike and steer it just like a normal bike! The aim of a balance bike is to encourage children to ride without using stabilizers, as they it will encourage determination and willpower as the child learns how to ride naturally.

The big advantage of using a balance bike instead of training wheels is that it actively teaches your child how to balance on a bike while it is moving. Training wheels offer a level of security and introduce children to pedaling, but once they are taken off the child must learn how to balance or they will fall! Introducing your child to two wheels in this manner can destroy their confidence, and often results in scraped knees and bruises. Instead of giving a crutch, a balance bike actively teaches children to balance on the bike on their own. They may start out with their feet firmly on the ground, walking the bike with them, but soon they will be pushing off and lifting their feet to go faster.

Balance bikes have gained huge popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Time and time again they have proven to be a better way to introduce your child to bicycling. Check out these three year olds on their balance bikes it’s easy to see just how much fun they are!